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Onsite Energy Zambia
Onsite Energy Zambia
Vehicle security and tracking
Delivery Management Sytem  image
Delivery Management Sytem
Auto & Transportation
Delivery Management Systems are an effective proof-of-delivery monitoring and management system that manages the fragmented end to end processes and business integration for Corporate Organisations, businesses and other key players in the logistics, supply and distribution value chain. It also provides an automated bill generation system that is available to ensure ease of verification at all levels of order generation, vehicle loading and transaction verification.
Onsite Energy Zambia
Onsite Energy Zambia
Vehicle security and tracking
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Manage regular transportation routes and schedules effectively. Route Management Solution is a navigation software designed to increase operational efficiency and reduce turnaround time. It also builds efficient route plans for multiple vehicles at a time; taking into account the hours of the day, day of the week, time of the year, traffic patterns, road closures and vehicle speed to determine the estimated time of arrival at each predetermined location. It also tracks drivers and helps keep you connected in real-time with fleet activities from any remote location.
Onsite Energy Zambia
Onsite Energy Zambia
Vehicle security and tracking
Protective Glass Flim  image
Protect yourself, loved ones, employees and acquaintances from glass shatter and theft. Onsite Energy Zambia offers transparent shatter-proof glass film that provides optimal protection ​in all environments where there is a risk of glass breakage, burglary or vandalism. ​With protective film, you get an added layer of protection on all glass surfaces – one that’s virtually invisible. This shatter-proof solution makes glass harder to penetrate as it holds shattered pieces in place; helping keep both people and property safe from dangers posed by intruders.

Fuel tank hire

Are you in need of fuel storage equipment? Onsite Energy Zambia offers a wide variety of efficient and environmentally-safe rigid tankers, mini tankers and tanker trailers for hire. This is a great way to provide immediate access to fuel in remote areas, for off-site projects or in any situation where long-term fuel storage might not be practical or necessary. Wherever you are in Zambia, Onsite Energy is happy to deliver a rented tanker or trailer, whichever suits your needs.
Efficient and environmentally-safe fuel bowsers
Meet immediate fuel storage demands without the need of high investment
Fuel tanks available in various capacities
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Tracking systems

Onsite Energy Zambia provides smart cost-saving solutions for asset management, theft prevention and remote monitoring/tracking. Their goal is to provide technology solutions that help customers reduce their costs and improve their ROI.
Manage your assets, prevent theft, and track remotely
Tamper-proof technology with unusual activity alerts
Cost-reducing technology solutions
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Fuel re-fueling

Onsite Energy Zambia can deliver fuel directly to your gensets, fleet, storage tanks, farm equipment or lubricants during periods of downtime or when vehicles are parked. The pay-off is two-fold: first, your business is no longer paying for hours of unproductive labour while operators go to find fuel. Second, your business gains 30 minutes of productive time per day to move more goods, deliver more packages, dig more holes or construct more roads.
Your 24/7 onsite refueling partner
Concentrate on your core business and reduce on operational costs
High quality diesel as well as a wide selection of lubricants
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