Route Management System

Route Management System

Manage regular transportation routes and schedules effectively. Route Management Solution is a navigation software designed to increase operational efficiency and reduce turnaround time. It also builds efficient route plans for multiple vehicles at a time; taking into account the hours of the day, day of the week, time of the year, traffic patterns, road closures and vehicle speed to determine the estimated time of arrival at each predetermined location. It also tracks drivers and helps keep you connected in real-time with fleet activities from any remote location.

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How It Works

Defines Route Parameters

  • Mark and save checkpoints/stops on the map to indicate places of interest the vehicle is expected to visit and can be monitored in real time

Optimizes Deliver Routes

  • Based on geo-location of orders and customer delivery expectations, routes are automatically optimized taking in account of traffic conditions, delivery time window constraints and delivery stops

Assigns Smart Order Allocations

  • Optimized trip sheets are automatically generated based on shortest time/distance and exact delivery sequence and job details are assigned to dispatch drivers.

Tracks Route Progress and Changes

  • Monitors your diver's delivery progress and locations as well as the delivery progress of each driver on-the-go while providing real time navigation updates to make the deliveries faster throughout the day


  • Effectively communicates with customers on delivery status and periodic estimated time of arrival through automatic SMS and e-mail notifications

Improves Logistics Operations

  • Maximize vehicle utilization and increase efficiency and responsiveness of the logistics operation by reducing idle time and optimizing travel distance to complete drops-offs/deliveries efficiently
Features & Benefits
1.Reduce Turnaround Time and increase customer satisfaction by optimizing logistics operations from pick up to delivery through effective route planning.
2.Significantly reduce operating expenses by optimizing intra and interstate routes, saving on fuel costs and avoiding accidents.
3.Automated notifications and alerts on route diversions, take-off and delayed arrivals
4.Increased worker productivity through improved driver behaviour resulting from the monitoring of working hours and vehicle usage.
5.Route management and schedule optimization (map out, store and review)
6.Fleet optimization
7.Optimize routes - by using powerful management software to minimize drive time and fuel consumption while maximizing drop-offs.
8.Improve communication - through a cloud-based platform that links drivers, operations managers, and customer service teams with real-time updates so that everyone is on the same page.
9.Increase profitability - with a route planning solution that improves productivity, reduces fuel costs and supports management reporting for greater visibility.
10.Manage fleets - organize vans, trucks, and other delivery vehicles using built-in fleet management tools.

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