Delivery Management Sytem

Delivery Management Sytem

Delivery Management Systems are an effective proof-of-delivery monitoring and management system that manages the fragmented end to end processes and business integration for Corporate Organisations, businesses and other key players in the logistics, supply and distribution value chain. It also provides an automated bill generation system that is available to ensure ease of verification at all levels of order generation, vehicle loading and transaction verification.
Features & Benefits
1.Fast Turnaround Time for deliveries using vehicle tracking integration, geo-fencing and route optimization.
2.Guarantees authentic proof of delivery by electronic waybill generation and digital signatures for accountability
3.Eliminates theft and manipulation of waybills
4.Higher profit and productivity
5.Cost effective and affordable
6.Geo-tags and timestamps are enabled for audit purposes
7.Higher volume of deliveries managed
8.Multiple user integration
9.Reporting templates for audit and decision making efficiency
10.Seamless communication between internal stakeholders

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