Mobile Fuel Control System

Mobile Fuel Control System

Fuel Control Systems are a state-of-the-art telematics solution that puts control of stationary and mobile assets in your hands, allowing you to save cost, maintain profitability and meet rising business demands. Your company will be able to detect leakage challenges due to perforations and faulty hardware; while monitoring, auditing and reporting diesel usage trends for accountability purposes. To assist decision-makers in improving business performance and meet rising demands, real-time alerts and push notifications about changes in diesel levels are sent via SMS and email.
1.Prevention of diesel theft occurrences during offloading and refueling activities
2.Cost saving, with ROI (Return on Investment on every litre of diesel purchased
3.The state of the art telematics device used ensures that every data is accounted for. There is a high precision monitoring of all fuelling activities
4.Early detection of leakage challenges due to perforations or faulty hardware
5.24/7 remote monitoring, auditing and reporting of diesel usage trends for accountability purposes
6.Real-time alerts and push notifications (via SMS and email) about changes in diesel levels

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